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Who We Are

ManagerZen was born as a web portal in 2001 and became an Associazione Culturale in January 2003 with the objective of proposing an innovative and humanistic approach to the business culture.

From 2006, ManagerZen Progetti was born, and with it so was the development of business activities: events, meetings, participation and cultural animation, seminars and workshops on managerial and personal development with an ethical, ecological and creative approach.

More than 2,000 people visit the portal www.managerzen.com every day, and a weekly newsletter is sent to more than 7,000 inscribers. The Cultural Association associates (of whom there are roughly 500) are distributed over a national panorama, ensuring that ManagerZen is a reference area for both managerial culture and innovative training.

The founding associates, who are also advisers to the Association, are:

Alessandra Fraticelli
alessandra fraticelliGraduated in Political Economics, she is also a Counsellor. She worked for 9 years in Human Resources. She has held diverse roles in the Selection field and was responsible for the Training of the Central- North Manpower SpA, managing a staff of collaborators and coordinating projects at a national level. From the end of 2005, she worked in client development and in promoting the training activities of ManagerZen Progetti Srl. She is a trainer in paths linked to the development of abilities in a working environment.

Federica Ghetti
federica ghettiElectronic engineer who worked for about 8 years in companies in the informatics sector, passing from technological roles (control, testing and software engineering) to business roles (system quality, informative system, processes, communications and training). In 2002, she had a sabbatical, working with Jacopo Fo, and writing a web-marketing manual for the tourism sector. Creator of ManagerZen.it, which emerged online in June 2001. In January 2003, she founded the same named cultural association of which she is President. Within ManagerZen Progetti srl, she runs consultancy and planning activities.

Domenico Fucigna
domenico fucignaArchitect, associate founder of TIP Trends Into Products, and President of TEA Trends Explorers Associated. An expert in the innovation of products and creator of a research method on future scenarios, and their use in business.

Raffaele Bulfoni
raffaele bulfoniConsultant in management and organisation. Graduated in Informatics. He has a Master in Business Administration, and has worked predominantly in ICT organisations in the marketing, selling and management sectors.
He has 15 years experience as an employee first, and manager after. In 2003, he worked as an independent consultant, specialising in the evaluation of start-up projects and in operations of changing organisation followed by acquisition and fusion. He contributed to the creation of the project ManagerZen, and the same-named Association, of which he is Vice-President.



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