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. “The ManagerZen” Jacopo Fo in Ales Groupe December 2007


The show/lesson of Jacopo Fo presented at “Oltre L’aula 2007” (Beyond the classroom) and also in December to the Ales Groupe- Lyerac and Phyto-guided by Lorenza Battiggello…A very enjoyable meeting thanks to the business climate and perfect location of the meeting.

“One discovers something through direct experimentation, whether its if I smile, I am muscularly more strong, or whether its that to liberate myself from the grip of a adversary, there is a need to forget him or that one is able to resist the punches of 5 adversaries by being relaxed and morbid, while imagining yourself to be like a giant oak tree, whether its knowing that in archery, I have to forget the aim to centre the throw.” Jacopo Fo.


. Business Monologue on Customer Centricity for Oracle-December 2007


To be or not to be, this is the problem.

To be or not to be for you is a constant point of reference, to be different from all the others, courageous courage added to that which you already are, in reality, makes a difference?.....

To be or not to be: how difficult is the road which leads you to excellence, to build a relationship, day after day, and to listen to yourself, to know yourself, to understand yourself, to satisfy your expressed and unexpressed needs and at the end, to acquire the prize of your faith with the same need and determination which a smitten man works to acquire the heart of his loved one!

I won’t surrender in face of the first difficulty because I want to do all that is possible to make you feel you are the centre of my attention, my interests, my thoughts. Because I want you to know that you have chosen the best, me.

In short, choosing to be customer-centric is not easy, it requires listening, communication, knowledge, but there is something, which arrives still first, before every action accomplished for the client, and we call it mental attitude.

In practise, it’s the predisposition of every one of us to think, to observe and to confront things in a determined way. It’s neither optimism nor pessimism, it’s something different.

These were Francesca Isola’s beginning words to his monologue on business and Customer Centricity–to make us smile and not only that!...

.”Desirable dreams” for the Christmas dinner of Manpower - December 2007


Translating dreams in reality across creative writing and positive thinking

The workshop took place at the Christmas dinner of Manpower, who proposed an activity of empowerment and positive thinking to confront 2008 with new stimuli.

Creative writing was used to explore, liberate fantasies and the imagination. To make dreams and desires explicit, with new propositions in sight of the arrival of the new year! And notwithstanding the tiredness and chills…the groups worked with narrative metaphors and fairytales…through the first stage of change.



. ”I’m searching for a permanent centre of gravity”

Tai-Chi-Chuan and personal wellbeing in ALLIANZ - November 2007


To whom was the experience turned? The experience was directed to the 80 internal trainers in Allianz.

How many people were involved? 15, who had the opportunity to choose between an array of 6 different residential seminars for 2007.

How much time did it take? Allianz with the essential help of ManagerZen created the course in July, and then developed the project between August and September 2007. ManagerZen found the perfect teacher, who had both experience in Tai Chi Chuan, and in the training world: Leonardo Castelli.

What did the business want to supply? Allianz Spa wanted to propose a seminar of self-knowledge with the consequential empowerment and natural impulse of flexibility.

What was done in practise? The course, during the duration of 2 days was held in a location, which reconciled the psychophysical balance. After a necessarily theoretical introduction on Taoist philosophy and the Tai Chi Chuan; we proposed an alternative to physical exercise and the working of the Tai Chi Chuam metaphor/classroom training .

In the lecture room, other than Master Chu-King-Hng, a tutor of the Formazione Allianz Spa was present.

What was the feedback of participants? The course collected strongly positive feedback both for the reaching of objectives and the organisation and tenure of the course (on a scale of 1 to 6, the course gained 5.8)

What were some different feedbacks in comparison to other training approaches? The usefulness of the psychophysical metaphor accelerating the learning and stimulating motivation.

Will this type of experience be re-proposed? According to demand, we should make use of the proposed training conditions for our internal trainers.

Has it really changed the comparison in business between people and resources? Allianz spa boasts an multifaceted experimentation with training. The involved resources were benefited from in the proposed course, which was planned with a strong structure, and organised and managed by a teacher of great professionalism.

Sara Chiaravalli

Formazione Allianz Spa

.Huge laughs for 300 sales of ORACLE- July.2007

One hour of LAUGHING YOGA blew away any tiredness and tension in the Sales Reunion conducted by Laura Toffolo and the staff of ManagerZen… great fun!


.The magic of fairytales in RAS - April 2007

A residential seminar turned to internal trainers at the RAS group: with the objective of offering a unique experience in personal growth…and it was achieved!

Piera Giacconi, an art therapist and modern singer of tales, accompanied the participants through the liberation of their own creative potential. Through fairy tales and the emerging archetypes which come to be seen, sudden improvisation, new visions. Co-involvement is spontaneous, not forced, and leads to a greater openness and knowledge of colleagues. The final sensation is of greater interior richness and the force of cohesion!

. Theatrical improvisation for the convention of MANPOWER - december 2006

infinite laughs...

.Leadership&Zen for TELECOM managers-june 2004


4 editions of Leader & Zen for Telecom managers, with a total of 60 people having followed the course led by Vittorio Mascherpa.

Apart from some people’s difficulty to cross their legs…all went well! Meditation, and lessons in leadership were inter-crossed perfectly in the splendid location “La Corte” in a beautiful valley. Waking up exercises in the morning and nightly meditation completed the training Zen!!



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