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Collective Intelligence

“Planning in Collective Intelligence”
Discovering the power of co-creation across the magic of fairytales

- Experimenting with the process of collective co-creation

Bringing to light the unifying business model

Creating and revisiting teams, projects and objectives to dynamise the participatory innovation

To make every member adhere to the structure and transmit their own slant within this collective identity.

Atelier Horakles of collective excellence was created under a game form in France in 2005, but is still unpublished in Italy. It is enriched by workshops of creative writing, conscious attention, active imagination, laughing and breathing. It will develop therefore the necessary liberty to work efficiently together: with a perceptive affinity, learning to use the power of co-creation.

The project oversees a team building of 2 days, a follow up of a half-day, with diagnosis and a coach. The participation is on a voluntary basis. Maximum group of 14 people.

In collaboration with the voice of Fairytales
Resp. Project Piera Giacconi.





Managerzen Portale del mondo del lavoro alternativo