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Corporate Awareness

Measuring the benefits of careful meditation in the business.

The benefits of meditation (bettering of mnemonic capacity, attentiveness and concentration, reduction of working stress, larger psychophysical balance) are evident with the regular practise of 20-30 minutes of meditation, in the middle of a business structure, for a period of 8 weeks.

The course opens with a beginning seminar, which teaches meditation practises, chooses volunteers and the leader of the meditation group: the group will therefore have autonomous practises with the periodic supervision of ManagerZen for the 8 weeks. A series of tests will be taken before and after, which will address the various participants and the results obtained in terms of individual performance and the business climate.


In collaboration with Formazione Umana Globale (Human Global Training)

Resp. Project: Vittorio Demetrio Mascherpa




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