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People Puzzle Project

Obtaining the best from colleagues with diversity management and creative leadership.

The project begins with the presupposition that organisations don’t fully exploit the “potential” already present in their personnel resources, or in other words, within their “human capital”.

The novelty consists in a change of prospective respecting the classic development programmes: we are not talking about making a person grow in the classical sense of the term, but of putting them on the path to be able to express themselves better, exploiting the habits, qualities and talents which already characterise them.

The approach is that of diversity management applied to the individual person: everyone is different and unique, and being different and unique is what we can contribute to businesses. We are talking about recognising this uniqueness (talent) and of collecting it correctly for the maximum business productivity and maximum personal satisfaction.

The project is structured in these phases:
1) Assessment of the expressed “talent”
2) “Creative Leadership”: training meetings
3) “The gym of talents”: periodic meetings turned to people
4) Organisational advice and coaching sessions
5) Final evaluation


In collaboration with Myriam Giangiacomo
Resp Project Federica Ghetti





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