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The Laughing Company

The laughing club in the company

The project aims to introduce the practise of laughing therapy into business as a means of developing a sense of humour, openness, creativity, sharing spirit, psychophysical benefits. We can re-educate our sense of humour with the laughing yoga session, developing auto-irony, creating a climate of great openness, faith and positivity.

The method is that of Hasya Yoga or Laughing Yoga: a discipline invented 11 years ago by the Indian doctor Madan Kataria. Since then, around 5,000 laughing clubs have been created in 40 countries all over the world.

The project oversees the specific training for internal trainers who enjoyed the club of laughing and helps launch a group event to launch the initiative.

In collaboration with the Yoga of Laughing.

Resp: Project: Laura Toffolo




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