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Experiential workshop.

Team building with Laughing Yoga
risataWho says that to laugh you have to have valid motives? And why wait for the incredible physical, and emotional advantages which laughing together brings? In this seminar, one becomes reacquainted with the world of emotions, and communication through the laugh! A powerful instrument, which can carry energy and encourage opening and creativity in the business.

Female Leadership
femminileHow can we reconcile femininity with being a manager, entrepreneur, or businesswoman? Can Femininity as a leadership quality also interest businessmen? How? Through a path of personal and professional growth developed for businesses in a world which requests always more personal flexibility and the right equilibrium between masculine and feminine qualities. An innovative and emotional approach to the theme of differences between the sexes and diversity management.

Team building with Fairytales
fiabeDeveloping the ability to work in groups through the practise of fairytales according to the Le Voix des Contexr Paris school, with the help of visualisation, creative writing techniques and daydreaming. Motivation, creativity and communication in favour of integrating the individual in the group! Developing intuition and the power of unconscious creativity.

Developing Emotive Intelligence with Breathing.
respiroIs it possible to manage emotions? Yes, learning simply to listen to our breathing. Simple techniques of breathing help us to manage emotions, find calmness and lucidity, and confront with tranquillity and determination working situations of every day. A seminar, which offers daily instruments to manage stress and work with intelligence.

Empowerment and positive thinking
respiroEmpowerment is a strategy of participation, which is based on the appeal of human resources and the force of people. It values the sentiments of self-efficiency, positive thinking, responsibility and action in the pairing of your private and professional life. Positive thinking signifies transforming the negative into the positive without eluding reality, without the behaviour of resignation in important offices, without resistance to fully taking all responsibility. Thinking positively brings out reserves of energy and other unexpected abilities, which every individual has at their disposition.

Diversity management: exploiting the differences in cultures, genres, age...
respiroDiversity is a great opportunity for businesses, but it demands the development of specific cultural abilities and a specific will to manage. From cultural diversity to diversity of the sexes, to diversity of age to those of singular individuals. The course explores diversity in its different meanings and implications. Above all it teaches us to recognise these differences and to accept them, as a first rite of passage for an effective management whether at a organisational level, or an emotional level, or relational level.


Creative Problem Solving
respiroSpeaking of “Creativity” in a working context tends to generate amazement and distrust. The word creativity is associated to art, in its diverse expressive forms or to creative jobs, like designers, advertising, architects….Above all another dimension exists in creativity: that of creative thoughts, perfectly applicable, and above all, desirable, in every working and professional context. The Problem solving Creativity is utilized with two precise aims: to find new solutions to old problems (same results with different actions) and to find better solutions (new products, new processes, new services).



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